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About the company

Piedmont orchard «Vladka» is dynamically developing company, founded in 2016 by family couple Vladimir and Valeriya Pecheniy. Mission of the company is production of organic, healthy and affordable fruits for everyone.

The basis for our company is the priceless experience of our staff members and colleagues. Our staff is multinational. The first 33 hectares of the orchard was established by specialists from Italy, North Ossetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Krasnodar Territory, Rostov Region.

In shortest period (from February 2017) a great deal of work was done: waterworks was constructed, 5 km roads were built, 8 twenty meters observation towers were elevated, 40000 m3 artificial lake was made, water from the clearest mountain river Tsaudon was supplied. The soil was prepared and cleared for plantation of seedlings. The latest generation European irrigation and post system were installed. 73 hectares of fruit trees have been planted by current moment.  By summer 2019 the orchard will expand to 122 hectares. The annual crop will be 6000 tones. In future revenue will be reinvested in orchard extension. In 2018 the first stage (2500 tons) of fruit storage is planning to be constructed. The total capacity of fruit storage will extend to 5000 tons (nominal needs for 122-hectare orchard). In the fruit storage will be used Italian innovative technologies and equipment. Last generation dynamic controlled gas environment will be applied in the fruit storage. Storing of fruit will be carried out in noble gases (N2, O2, CO2) without usage of chemical components similar to Fitomag and Smart Fresh. After storage apples will be natural, organic, tasty and most healthy (Class A product). The work of our agronomists will be supervised by Italian specialists, who have great theoretical and practical experience in cultivation of apples and pears.

Seedlings for our orchard were cultivated in Italian nursery based in Trento Province. Due to bright Sun and unique microclimate of Trento Province seedling have well-developed crown. Such trees give crop at the year of plantation. In 2017, the first crop of 15 tons of apples was harvested.

Piedmont orchard «Vladka» is the unique orchard.


Varieties of cultivated apples: Gala (red color), Fuji (violet-red color in stripes), Golden (golden color), Red Delicious (red color), Granny Smith («simerenko» type, green color). Perspective summer varieties are being cultivated: Summer Free (red color), Red Free (red color), Galmack (Swiss selection, red color). Due to close location of mountains and to considerable day and night temperature fluctuations, apples from our orchard have vigorous color and have outstanding shape and delicious taste. We fundamentally refused from chemical treatments of the orchard. We are planning to use only biological methods of protection. This, will finally lead to perfect taste of fruit and meet the strictest standards of quality.